Buda Bee Wrangler is currently on a small hiatus. We are only taking on a limited number of bee removals at the moment until further notice.

For faster service, please click HERE to visit the Texas Apiary Inspection Service's list of registered Texas bee removers.

We'll be back....


We absolutely have no affiliation with these vendors. We purchase items from them, but they do not pay us for advertisement. We are only sharing information with those who are interested.

Many people ask us about beekeeping and where we get our supplies. We have tried several different companies, and these are the ones that are the best in our opinion:

Mannlake LTD

The place that by far takes the most of our money maybe other than Home Depot would be Mannlake. If you purchase from them regularly, they have what they call a 'Bee Bucks' program that we take advantage of. We buy most of our brood and honey supers, suits, gloves, feeders, smokers, etc etc from here. If you live on acreage, we suggest having a bee suit for the homestead, and this is a great place to get one. I personally want an Ultra Breeze suit, but can't do that right now. I have been told they're amazing and have felt the quality. Hopefully next season!


Dadant is great. We purchased a lot of 8 frame boxes from them last season. Very reasonably priced, and great quality.

Mountain Sweet Honey

Not only do we wrangle bees, but we purchase them on occasion as well. Mountain Sweet Honey has beautiful bees that are very gentle, and they will ship them right to your door via USPS! I can't say enough about the quality of these bees. Such beauties. We ordered Italian and Carniolan bees this season, and I am very pleased!